Project Services

Project Service

Offer stage:

Project service contract has been done with investor group and/or investor group represantive employeers and/or architectural group.


Design Report:

Project system selection alternatives and description of system details for establishment, standart relations and typical schemas have been prepared as a presentation and submitted to investor group.


Shematic Design (preliminary Project):

Firstly, electrical shaft and reservastions planned on preliminary architactural drawings. Design report coordination informations have been taken in to account for shematic design stage. Preliminary ceiling and floor electrical layouts and principle single line schemas have been prepared as drawing format.


Design Development Project (Tender Project):

Schematic design informations and coordination requirements has been taken in to account. Schamatic plans divided to electrical set plans as lighting, small power, power distribution, fire alarm system etc… Detail design, calculations, panel wiring diagrams, final capacities etc.. that will be finalized on tender Project stage.

When tender Project completed, Tender specifications and BOQ prepared. After that, tender stage started. At the tender stage, contractor candidates questions will be answerred technically.Finally, when investor selected him/his electrical contractor, electrical tender Project service will be completed.